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Originally Posted by remyrw
Here's the regular CP I've been working on. It SHOULD work just fine now.

I also uploaded a slightly improved CP Pro version. Nothing major, just minor tweaks but if you are downloading new, this is the version of that to get. I'm not sure, but I think the CP Stock should automatically choose the proper color scheme if you have it, but otherwise, you want to download and use the yellow one from a few posts back. That's the best we've got right now. Come on, I know there's a 3d modeler out there who wants to take on this project. I'll send you all the pics you could possibly want of it to work from.
Hey, Thanks for the Blade CP models for Real Flight. The flight characteristics are pretty good. In the store, I did a little playing with their demo setup and made some very quick changes on the MX400 to make it a little more blade like (take off the heading hold gyro, etc) and was dissappointed when I got home and found the mx400 is in another $30 package...Thanks to you, I'm no longer frustrated by this...your model definitely is along the right lines of challenging for beginning hovering. I'm still really at the 1-3 foot stage with my BCP right now, and crash when I get above that...I've been mainly flying indoors in relatively small spaces, and have learned enough to get the basic concept of hovering from Radd's school of rotary flight, but the confines of the spaces I've been in have included many a rotor blade damaging object. I figured the Real flight will make up for it's cost in repairs pretty quickly, the way I love flying the heli...

One note on what I've noticed so far between the collective and throttle mixing is that on my stock blade, I start to get light on the gear (with training gear adding weight) with collective trim at 0 (all the way down) and stick at about 60-65%. I find I get the same stick-to-lift characteristics with your CP-Stock model with about 33 clicks of collective trim dialed in. Is there any quick fix for this? I'm not going to need to be dialing any more power in than I'll get from the stick at this trim setting for a while...Reason I don't use any collective trim right now is so I can get all my rotors stopped with one flick of the thumb when a collision is impending. Also, for a little more realism relating to "stock" have you considered mimicking the controller layout (right toggle is idle-up, the rest do nothing)?

Anyways...thanks for the great model!