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Very timely post, Drew. I was just messing with curves last night and thinking I could adjust them a bit to more closely match the Blade. The problem is that everyone's blade is different because we set them up a little differently. With something this light and imprecise even just how recently it was lubed will effect where it gets light on the skids.

All that said, I'm going to try to adjust it a bit, it's close but not as close as it could be now that I'm fiddling with the pitch and throttle curves. E-Flite uses a straight line "curve" for both in normal mode but that doesn't seem to match up quite right. Probably just an issue of the blades not being quite the same and other minor details that add up to not being exactly like the real ones.

As for the controller, nope, hadn't considered it, most radios match this layout fairly well so I figured it was good practice for the future. I'll see about a quick tweak and maybe post a version that puts idle up on the right switch and nothing on the others. While I'm doing that I might just use the rotary knob to fix the light on the skids variable, if I make that a pitch adjustment with just a degree or two of range you could tweak it as needed. I'll fiddle

Since I still don't run lipos mine doesn't really get light on the skids till about 50% and 50% trim, hover is around 75-80% and any real flight requires nearly 100% since I've still got symetricals on it. My flat bottom blades were too beat up and I just couldn't get them to both balance and track, not without serious surgery that wasn't worth it. Like you I mostly just hover inside for practice, my outside flights are rare due to wind, so I'm just using Real Flight for more aggressive flying and waiting to get the electronics for my T-Rex and start flying that. It sits there half together teasing me.

Oh, to most accurately simulate the Blade, the controls would currently be left as follows.
Top right switch ignored.
Knob currently has no effect, sorry blade pro users.
Top left switch would be fully back for normal, middle position for idle up. The blade doesn't use a full throttle idle up so the middle position is closest.
Front left switch UP. This is your duel rates and expo change and I have it set pretty aggressively. If you flip it down you lose a LOT of control input and the middle of the stick is going to be REALLY soft. That is obviously NOT like the real blade of any variety except maybe a tired CX.

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