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Originally Posted by remyrw
But if it's that far off, definitely. I'm runnin 3.5 as well now. I'll get on it asap, which should mean it is ready in the next day or two. Thanks for the heads up. I'm mostly flying a T-rex model these days but still enjoy my Blade.

Wow, that's really weird. I could not get it to stop locking up the tail rotor no matter what I did. I have started working on an Axe based version but for some reason I can't get the tail dialed in at all. it behaves very oddly. These might be 3.5 issues or it might just be me losing my marbles, I'll do some more work and figure it out.

Here's a version off the dominion that works, I still haven't pinned down the tail rotor issue with the other one. The V35 part indicates it's not only version 3.5 but FOR version 3.5
Hello, I am fairly new to this importing models but have read the instructions in the first thread. I have imported your model for 3.5 but dont see it in my custome folder or under the dominion 3D folder. Do you have any ideas as to where it might be?