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sorry but....

Originally Posted by opjose
One of the things I noticed on these edits and also on the Reno Racer upload, is that people have been visually scaling the prop (2.0 factor on both).

If you do this, you are in effect flying a big plane with a tiny, tiny propeller that only "looks" big.

This creates unrealistic and poor characteristics flight for the plane.

I'm uploading a "fixed" Reno Racer, which has the four bladed prop of approximately the right pitch and diameter, instead of just a visual scale up.

I've have had to put a larger engine on it and up the torque to compensate for the corrected physics.
do you have anything nice to say about anyones work. (Opjose ) i know you mean well however not everyone is into scale like you and I. but what gets me is, everyone of your quotes that i have read. you've had nothing nice to say about anyones work,you crettasize everything. just once i'd like to read you saying nice work or nice build, but maybe you could try ect..... then maybe our 3D builders won't feel so bad about there hard swet and tears ....... ect...ect....
thanks kennyptho...... i'm sure you mean well but its not how i read it, and that goes for many others who read the fourms...

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