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Well, Why not ?

Sorry I'm new here but not new to Real Flight. Why can't RF Basic users have addon packs. OK we don't pay as much as we do for RF7 but how many Basic versions are simply collecting dust on a shelf. I know mine is mainly because I have RF7. But what about the people who can't afford the big jump. Was the Basic version only made to try to lure more people into full releases of Real Flight?

I know it states very clearly that extra aircraft can't be used so I guess we shouldn't ask for them but why not?. I don't mean freebies, I mean proper addons we can pay for. I wouldn't argue about spending say $30.00 on 10 new aircraft, it will give basic a boost and both buyers and Real Flight will reap the benifits. Is it possible for a patch to be written which allows extra planes to be added on?.

Just a thought. I ask it because a good friend of mine bought a copy for his son and when he found out I had RF7 he asked for a copy. I explained I couldn't and shouldn't make copies and asked what happened to Basic. He told me he was bored with it but his Dad wouldn't buy the full version. It's more a matter of he can't buy the full version because he's strapped for money. Obviously I didn't say that to his son. His next question was could he borrow a few of my planes, again I said it just wasn't possible. I know he left here rather dejected after seeing RF7 on my computer and that's what bought me to asking this question.


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