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Originally Posted by Stuart Bazley View Post
I know he left here rather dejected after seeing RF7 on my computer and that's what bought me to asking this question.

Basic was designed to be an "entry level" simulator for someone who did not want to buy into the features of the full version.

Those full version "features" include Expansion Packs, Add-ons and user created content. If you want those features, buy the full version.

Other sims do eactly the same thing... e.g. Easyfly versus Aerofly.

Yes this was a marketing decision to gain share in the "low end" sim market.

The purchaser is prominently alerted to the fact that they are buying a "BASIC" sim only.

BTW: A Basic Realflight sim used to be part of a training/trainer package. It only included one or two planes.

Knifeedge greatly expanding things with Realflight Basic, which remains a great choice for someone who will not pay for the full version.
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