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A newby here!, I just finished downloading 3dsMax 2016. nothing below it was allowed to download....kept getting the error "you have a 64 bit system., you are trying to download a 32 bit program" I was then directed and encouraged to use the 2016 download. 2014 32/64 and all the rest failed with no evidence of proper CAD for vault application. The samples on my KEmax load in perfectly and seamless enough and form proper visuals on the 3dsMax 2016., So, I'm reasoning , there may be a selection for export of either 32 or 64 that wistfull thinking on my part? Has anyone else experianced the same thing with the new licsenses on 3dsMax? I use an ms word substitute called Professional office suite 4.1.1 by appletree software The KEMax I slected was the second one on the list (if I recall correctly but will recheck to make sure)......
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