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I think it would be a pretty quick fix to leave the time scoring as is, but remove the timer-ends-play feature. This would make a lot more sense for people who want to use the challenges as a way to improve their skills. You might be getting zero for a score, but you wouldn't have to keep repeating easier parts of a challenge course just so you can get to the part you really need to practice.

On the subject of quick fixes, regarding the ring race challenge at Apocalypse with the L-39, Its "Nap-of-the-Earth" (often abbreviated NOE), not "Map-of-the-Earth."

Have to agree with the comment about speed. Basically, if you design a challenge where score depends on speed but its physically possible to fly it at full throttle, then you are limiting the skills that can be developed. Since a lot of work has already gone into designing these courses, a quick fix would be to just make the challenge planes a little more powerful with a tiny bit of back pressure on the controls so that if you go too fast its no longer physically possible to maneuver the tightest turns in the course. This would help users develop deeper skills. An added benefit would be that you could go a little faster on straighter parts of a course, this would probably end up fixing your unachievable perfect score problem.

And how about a hot key to exit (esc), with a corresponding click button somewhere at the top of the screen? Very strange to have commercial software in which the only way out takes three mouse clicks, the last of which is an unlabeled upper-right-x on a screen box called "Level Select."

Putting the name of the plane in the info bar at the top would be nice.
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