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How To Setup Night Flying

It turns out that this is pretty easy to do.

Thanks to the hint from Flare - it is very easy to turn day into night gradually. The Shift PgUp/Pg Down short cut control’s the inclination of the sun in Sierra Nevada (3-D) airports. The base line for the sun inclination angle in the 3-D airports ranges from 40 degrees (mid-morning) through 90 degrees (high Noon). The Shift PgUp/Pg Down short cut changes the sun inclination plus or minus from the baseline.

Shift Page Up: Increases the angle - the sun gets higher in the sky - more daylight
Shift Page Down: Decrease the angle - the sun gets lower in the sky - less daylight

+10 degrees = Sunset
+ 0 degrees = Twilight
- 20 degrees = Stars begin to appear in the night sky
- 30 to -90 degrees = It gets darker and darker
- 7 degrees = Sunrise
- 9 degrees = The moon comes out (depends on the Sun Azimuth Setting – see below)

What you see in the night sky is controlled by several factors.

Sun Azimuth (degrees)
This is a range from 0 to 360 degrees. At approximately 40 degrees, the moon comes into view.

Panoramic Image:
This dropdown box has a list of many different ‘skies’ your 3-D airport can have. Some of won’t impact your night time sky. The ones that seem to have the most impact are those that begin with ‘Sky’. When you choose one of these sky conditions – it does impact how dark your night time sky will be. The best results are obtained if you choose ‘ <None>

The lights come on when the Sun Inclination is at +9 degrees. Many of the objects you see in the daytime have lights at night. Buildings, towers, street lights, billboards, cars & trucks, many other objects have lights or they light-up. The best example of this is Flight School (Night). The airfield comes to life with illuminated objects. Props and rotors on airplanes and helis have embedded LEDs that light up. Some of the KnifeEdge airplanes are fully illuminated with strings of LEDs such as the AJ Slick (51 inch) and the BLT Park Flyer in RF7. This is also true of many of the airplanes and helis in previous versions.

Although the Shift PgUp/Pg Down short cut will not won't with Archipelago, PhotoFields , or FlatLands airports, you can still make these fields varying degrees of night by editing the sun inclination using the airport editor.

In CMB Flying Field Ver 3c (will be uploaded soon) are a number of objects that are illuminated. The aircraft carrier flight deck at the Lake port is illuminated. To take-off from the carrier deck, go to the View Menu > Camera Position and choose ‘Pilot (AP) on Carrier Deck’.
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