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Originally Posted by legoman View Post
Circurlarize has two main functions in wings 3d.
1. When used on a complete ring(s) of edges, it flattens, make a regular n-sided ring (circle ish)
2. When used on a incomplete ring or a contiguous group(s) of non-intersecting, non solo edges it will make a arc of n-degrees in the direction that the edges are already pointed in or if they are in a straight line it will default to the normal of the edges
You can also over ride the default axis selection with right click I think.

I forgot to mention this but you need to be in edge mode. Sorry. I believe it does exist in max although I am not sure about part two or an over ride
Thanks. I did a Google on it and found that. It seems to do the same thing I do by hand. I also selected one or more edges in max but still didn't see it. But I may be missing it still. I'll Google it and 3ds max and see if I find anything on it. But I'm good doing it the way I do it, that seems to work okay for my simple needs. I'll let you know if I finally find it in max though.
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