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Originally Posted by technoid View Post
I just finished adding the ailerons so I thought I'd drop by and post a render of them
Originally Posted by technoid View Post
I woke up at 2am and couldn't get back to sleep so I started working on Jenny. So here it is 7:30 and no sleep but we have wings. I do still need to cut out the ailerons. Notice the smooth curves on the wing tips and pilot cutouts, lots of segments again. The current triangle count is 3,108. Here's a render for you it actually looks like a plane now. All the parts were created on top of the plan and are sized exactly to the plan, since I'm not really a Jenny person do these pictures look right?
In WWI airplanes the wing had aoa so that the leading edge of the arch of the airfoil scooped air with the trailing edge. In short put a couple degrees of incidence into both wings see the linked image
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