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With the pivot in place, you can use it as transform gizmo, e.g. for rotation around the axes of the pivot.
Using the transformation, rotation or scaling gizmo in blender you can rotate about the pivot point. For example, type Ctrl-Alt-R to activate the rotate gizmo. Now Alt-Space to select your gizmo space: Either world for the global x-y-z axis, or local for the object centre/pivot axis. Now use your left-mouse button to do a rotation about the local axis. This would be the same as R-X-X or R-Y-Y or R-Z-Z depending on how you need to line things up.

About not everything rotating about the X, I noticed that in some other postings. Looks like the spinner and some other objects rotate about the Y instead so I'll keep my eye on that.

Pros and cons to each approach... It is possible to build a new python script that only rotates the object centre, avoiding the confusion to have to rotate the centre then rotate the mesh back. Honestly it seems the parenting and pivot points don't need to get configured until the last step in model creation, so probably don't need to worry about it too much.

Joining this community recently I have some previous experience with Blender so have been looking at that option. I'll keep pursuing the blender script, next step is dealing with empty objects and continue to verify the output. So far the results in RF look good and texture map correctly. Need to work on an appropriate scale of the blend file - worldview coordinates about 50 wide and 50 long seem to map well to the default physics model without too much graphical scaling.

KEX export would be ideal, if we had the specs it would be great to cut out the officially-undocumented 3DS format from the middle. Thanks again for your input!
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