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Originally Posted by Maj. Numbskully View Post
First make sure that the water is set to "Enable " (yes)

Then you must make sure its set to "Render"the water (yes)(It should be by default, but double check)

Then you just increase the water level (Water Surface Altitude) value until it floods the your chosen area to the level you want

Keep in mind that you can not just make a pond or lake some where and leave lower elevations dry
the water level setting is Global ,( as if the oceans water level has risen)

There are other parameters that can be set like the water color and how far under the water you can see(visibility)

I did i, funny thing is that I wanted to do this in the same place you used for an example LOL

But how can I add waves or undulations on the surface of the water? There is an airport that I really miss on RealFlight and that is a foto realistic beach, dune for slope soaring. I would be great if that could be added.
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