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Frame rate on the 1280x720 is like 80 to 110 but when you are sitting in front of a 55" screen the 1280 on the models especially looks terrible and I realize my video card will not handle 4k, I was just curious what it would do. 720 progressive was good about 15 years ago.

I guess this is what it comes down to and yes it is a personal opinion. I think RFX is a complete step backwards and the fact it was released so incomplete and with such performance issues really is upsetting to a very loyal RealFlight user and I know there are many more out there. Why you would ship RFX without multiplayer is ridiculous in itself. RFX was sold as the future of RC simulators and I honestly see nothing futuristic about it. The flying fields are just plain boring and it doesn't even feel like you are flying at a field, the backgrounds are so game like (and not in a good way) and the worst part is they barely look any better than the 3d fields in 7.5. The key word here is simulator, you are trying to simulate the feel and look of the aircraft but also feel like you are at your local flying field, not flying in a minecraft scene. Photo fields did just that and why you would not incorporate some of them into RFX is beyond me.

Also, understand that there are a lot of us waiting on a update and have been for a very long time that will make this more usable and not on a dumbed down resolution, something that looks good for the modern hardware that is available today which so many are using. Then you come out with a new program one year after RFX that is supposed to appease those who loved 7.5, myself included. Then you go ahead and give Realflight 8 mulitplayer, virtual reality and new aircraft sounds, overall just a better version. Do you see any reason why we would be upset considering you got us hook line and sinker on the sales pitch of RFX?

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