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Viperdriver a lot of what you are saying is your opinion and I'm not about to argue with it. You are the customer and you know what is best for you. If RF-X isn't it then ok. I also enjoy that you come here to tell people about your experience because that is best for everyone. If you spare someone the agony of buying the wrong product you've done us all a favor. More power to you.

Also it's very helpful for me to hear your comments and everyone else's because I rely on them to work out what is best for the product line. It's because of so many comments like yours that we returned to RF 7.5 to build RF 8.0.

Do you see any reason why we would be upset considering you got us hook line and sinker on the sales pitch of RFX?
No of course not because we do not promise the future. We don't even talk about releases one day before they are ready, with the recent exception where Ryan spilled the beans on the RF-X update that is coming soon. Other than that, you are buying what we have in the box every time you buy software from us. You are never buying what we may or may not do next week. You might have noticed that we have a history of doing updates but we do not make them upon demand. We make them according to a lot of factors. There are only so many resources available and there are lots of requests.

That doesn't mean I don't sympathize, but you have to meet me halfway. After all, weren't you involved in this decision? You could have waited until you knew a little more about the feature set or what the frame rate would be on your system. For that matter you could have asked about it here. No one here wanted you to be in the unhappy and angry position you are in right now. We tried to release the information you needed to make the best decision for you.

Also, understand that there are a lot of us waiting on a update and have been for a very long time that will make this more usable and not on a dumbed down resolution
Of course we will keep working on performance but there is only so much we can do. RF-X will probably never run at 1920x1080 on your system at any reasonable frame rate.

PhotoFields are low priority for RF-X as long as RF 7.5/8 is on the market. Customers with low-end systems aren't buying RF-X to begin with so we want to focus on features that make heavy use of the 3D engine we invested in.

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