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DirectX 11 Mid-Range Video Card with 2 GB of video memory
I pre-ordered X because I THOUGHT that was true of my 2G GTX430, and I wanted to upgrade from 5.5 anyway. I was warned that I might not get very good performance and would probably want a new video card, but I had but I hoped I'd get sub-optimal but usable performance until I could afford a better video card. At the default settings, I got 2FPS. At the lowest resolution with all the eye candy turned off, I managed to improve it to 6FPS.

As I said, I was allowed to un-register & return X for full credit even though it had been installed, but I don't know whether others had the same experience. The published return policy was that the package needed to be UN-opened, but I argued about it and an exception was made. If that exception wasn't made for other dis-satisfied purchasers, that might explain at least SOME of the bitching by other users.

If I had known that 8 was coming, with similar hardware requirements to 7.5, I'd have waited to upgrade. Will there be any discount for recent 7.5 purchasers like me?
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