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I'm waiting for the next RF-X update to say if RF-X is dead for me or a longer term project. There's a lot of things I like about RF-X it's just the poor performance and rendering issues that keep me away from it. If they could squeeze a little bit more performance from it (read higher frame rate) and get rid of the stuttering and the rendering errors (shadows that follow the plane when the frame rate drops below 60) then I could enjoy flying it. I really like flying through the mountains and dipping up and down through the trees so there's enough there for me to be happy with it if those issues are fixed. I hate even thinking this but to me RF-X seems like a program that will work once Intel releases a faster processor than the current line and NVidia releases the Volta series cards, it needs a bump in both the CPU and GPU from what's available now to work the way I want it too. And that would be a minimum frame rate of 80 so it stays totally fluid all the time with no rendering issues. Then it would be fun for me to convert some of my planes and go flying through the mountains. Of course that's not really what most want from an 'RC' flight simulator they want to practice flying RC at a field and for that the 3D fields aren't really up to the task yet, 2D fields bring with them the Graphic Realism that makes you feel at a real RC field not in a game environment. I wish KinifeEdge would have thought about having a few town meeting style get-togethers with the guys on the forum to get ideas of what the next generation RC simulator should be I think they would have made a much better product. BUT.. I'm still hopeful that RF-X will work for me some day and hope they don't give up on it. Like I said I think this next update will let everyone know if RF-X can recover from it's rejection and begin a recovery process. But if they stick only to 3D fields it will need more realistic textures, which of course would cost performance so I don't see that happening.
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