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Originally Posted by opjose
The registration works just fine.

Thosands of people have already used it without problems.

Calling it "faulty" is disingenuous.

You don't know for a FACT that something in YOUR configuration or computer may be messing things up.

Don't let impatience get the better of you.

As indicated in the prior post, having a NON-STANDARD Windows installation, not running the installer with full ADMINISTRATIVE rights, etc. can foul things up, but this is Windows doing, and you were warned about this in the notes and documentation.
Accuracy is a good thing. The registration works fine for most. If it worked fine for everyone this thread wouldn't exist. I'm certain it works great for the vast majority.

I really don't care to derail the intent of this (useful) thread, nor do I want to harp on Knife Edge (since no programming entity, including myself, writes bug-free code). I (and hopefully most of us) understand that it's newly released software, and there will be issues to work through.

However, I'd like to point out that any app that makes assumptions about the environment it's being installed on when it has the tools (read: APIs) available to determine the actual environment, is not written the way it should be.

The app should use a manifest to ensure that admin privs are in place during the install process (limited by OS - if the OS doesn't support this, notify the user plainly within the UI during the install/registration process that they need to run as admin).

The app should determine the actual value of %homedrive%, and not assume that the OS is installed to c:\. Not everyone installs to c:\, some folks have multi-boot systems, etc. The main G5 installer already gets this right. The reg process should too. That there's nothing disingenuous in that statement.

When server connectivity fails, useful error messages should be bubbled to the user, and they should contain the same information that support or KE wouid post here when someone asks, "what does error <x> mean?"

Gee2Fly wasn't polite in his post, and that sucks. It's not hard to understand his (and my own) frustration. But don't let that lead you to indignance or to a missed lesson. Underneath it all, he has a point.

Now hopefully Knife Edge can work through these issues, and we can get back to our regularly scheduled programming (there's a good pun!).

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