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Originally Posted by dhk79 View Post
We've had tutorials on modeling, texture mapping, importing to RF, and doing colorschemes. This one is going to focus on setting up the model's physics, such that it flies just like a real RC model would fly or "true-to-life". There are a few people who like to adjust the physics so that a biplane can do 400+ MPH. Well that is simply ludicrous, and we're not going to go there.

There is a further refinement known as "scale" performance, where the aircraft is supposed to fly exactly like a miniature version of the full sized aircraft. Some minor adjustments have to be made to achieve true "scale" performance. This is because while you can scale down the aircraft, you can't scale down the air in which the scaled plane flies. The airflow across the model's airfoils, therefore, will not separate and become delaminar at the same point along the surface. We may touch on some of these adjustments, but the primary focus will be to just get your model to correctly fly like a RC plane.

For those that would like to follow along as the steps in creating the physics model unfold, here is a freshly imported copy of the plane that we're going to work on. No changes have been made to the physics, this is how it shows up when first imported to RealFlight.
Can't open the Tutorial_EA.3GX file.
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