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Originally Posted by abaser View Post
RF automatically triangulates your 4 sided polys so what you did didn't do anything for the poly count as far as RF sees it. At least that's the way it used to be. If RFX has a problem with what you show then it's something they need to take care of on their end. None of my wheel meshes are that detailed or high poly and I've never seen an issue.
I know about the triangulate deal but what I did made a major difference in RF-X so it did something. I'm just trying to do anything I can to make the plane better in RF-X before I release it. And yeah, all the cmesh for tires I've done in the past is very simple compared to this.. but that was for RF 7.5. Anyway what I did made a major change in RF-X for me and I'd be able to go with what I've done to improve it in RF-X and feel people could fly the plane okay. But before the sticks were terrible. But right now I'm waiting to see how it works for asj5547 before I go with it. I don't want to lower the rolling resistance way down it caused the plane to roll as soon as it loaded for me.
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