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Originally Posted by Roadracer View Post
I'm having issues posting.

My system is not a laptop, it's a gaming tower.

No other use of the PC is causing issues.
I just watched a video on YouTube where a guy opened up the case on your system and the CPU has a small stock style fan and the 1070 looks to be a founders edition. Here's a link to it, it's not much but at least I got a shot of the inside of the case.

Your PC is kind of what I thought an HP gaming tower would be, nothing like a person would build it looks to be a bit challenged in the heat dissipation area so I can see where RF-X might be a problem for it. I'm a retired engineer who's builds all his systems and I use much higher quality parts to take the heat better. I guess here's what I'd say. RF-X is NOT the worst load on a system but it IS a Very Heavy load, but not the highest and if RF-X is causing your system to run too hot it's really a problem with your system not being able to handle heavy loads. RF-X does work a system pretty hard so try running it with the case open and see if it works okay then. Report back after you try that and I'm sure several people here can offer some advice on how to cool it a bit better. One thing you can do is get MSI Afterburner and learn how to use it, it will report all your system info and you can control your GPU fan speed with it, that should help your system handle RF-X. So try running RF-X with the case open and report back what happens.
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