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Controller's Right Joystick Not Working

The right joystick of my RF Basic controller is causing this weird glitch where in the program it just tilts all the way to the left. The controller had no issues when I used it on a Windows 8.1 machine but then I plugged it into my main windows 10 machine and it's getting the glitch.

A few years pass and I've since re-imaged my main computer (still has windows 10) but the problem persists. I don't have access to any windows 8.1 machines anymore so I can't really test it, but back when I initially came across the problem I went back to the windows 8.1 machine and it worked fine. I don't think it's a hardware issue on the computers side, I think it might have something to do with windows 10 perhaps.

I have tried a number of solutions: calibrating, reinstalling etc. It's kind of hard to resolve this issue since I've searched so much on the problem but no one except one person on this website seems to have a similar problem.

I'd really like to get back into this program especially since I'm working on a video that involves compositing a model airplane onto footage and I want a good reference to track the motion of the model. As well as some sound samples. If no solution comes up I can still run and use the program, this issue just renders any actual flying futile, really sucks because I adore this program.
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