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Rigging.....the biggest P.I.A. on a real world scale model Jenny...Made many a model Jenny since I was 8 or 10.....dozens probably...they dont look right without it, but its REALLY EASY to have a cluttered looking mess halfway through. Problem is, once you start, you never know where to STOP.....

The real plane has over a MILE of wire bracing, and like +300 turnbuckles to keep it all taught.....all those struts and rigging are like lace, or a flying Eiffel Tower...

Attached are some Jenny pics that show the rigging, and some screen shots of other RF7 planes that have similar rigging.

IMHO, aside from the Iconic Loop Strut on the lower wing, its the "suspension bridge" rigging on the upper King Posts that defines the Jenny....however much (or little) rigging beyond that to blend it together is the hardest part...too much gets overwhelming, too little makes the King Posts stick out like a sore thumb.
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