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Originally Posted by cstoneman
my problem could be fixed with a script to populate the registry, but so be it.
I am not following you. Many people (but not me, of course) have RF installed on more than one machine. You can update both machines, no problem. All you have do is to register using the same name and password. It's not an issue. So if you had had the foresight of making an ISO of your disc that you lost, you could install it again right now. (Or if you still had the CDs.)
Originally Posted by cstoneman
I am sure not going to spend yet another $200 to replace software that I paid for, yet can't use.
Yeah, why was that again? I think phrank said 'misdirected anger.'
Originally Posted by cstoneman
Again, I will not get upset that KE won't help me with this, as they shouldn't get upset that I am going to check the other simulators on the market for my wife's use.
Why are you <threatening/intending to boycott/call it what you will> RealFlight? This has nothing to do with RF. Let's say you do refuse to buy RF again because of this. You buy another sim, and a few years down the road, your ISO HD crashed, and of course you lost your install discs. Then who will you blame? And like phrank said, GP support has been known more than once to help people in your exact situation. No, they won't ship you new discs for free, but it will be significantly less than $200. Don't blame KE/GP because YOU lost your discs. Call tech support. They WILL help you.

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