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More Tips


This is an effect that really brings out the best in a CS, so I use this technique as much as I can, for getting Logo's and complicated trim schemes looking there best. The trick is to get a pic of what you want to add, that is flat and not glossy.

After you have what you want to add to your CS, save the picture as a JPEG in MY PICTURES, under MY DOCUMENTS. Open your CS page with Gimp. Now open the picture you saved, move the mouse pointer on the pic, right click and OPEN WITH your Gimp program. After Gimp opens the pics again, just use the FREE SELECT (lasso) to circle the part of the picture you want to save and place on your CS, SEE PIC 1. Now click EDIT and CUT.

You will see that the part of the pic has been cut away, and now there will be a blank white space where it was before. Close out of the picture now and Gimp will ask if you want to save your changes to the picture, DO NOT SAVE YOUR CHANGES TO THE PIC, and it will be as it was before.

Now go to the CS page and click on EDIT. You will look for PASTE, and paste it to the CS page, SEE PIC 2. It will now appear on the page with circling dotted line around it, just move it around until it moves over the part you want to cover. Now you may have to SCALE the picture to match the part.

Use LAYER, SCALE LAYER, and scale it up or down to size, SEE PIC 3. Now check your work by pressing FILE, SAVE AS, REPLACE. Gimp will tell you it dosen't EXPORT Transparencys, but all you have to do is click EXPORT. Uncheck the two boxes and SAVE.

Now check it out, if it is wrong, go to the CS and move it again until the pic is where you want it. Do the saving process again, and look at it. Once it is to your liking, then you will go to LAYER and look for ether ANCHOR LAYER or MERGE DOWN. Use ether to secure the layer. SEE PIC 4

After this is done you should have a CS page with no layers showing on it, the part should be covered with the pic, now repeat the process on all the other parts you want covered with the same picture, by pressing PASTE again, and it will give you the same pic you cut from the original picutre, and can be pasted as many time as it take to complete your masterpiece. SEE PIC 5

Good luck and my best to you.
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