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More Tips


This is very important to Millitary aircraft, for that finished look. It is easier to do, than you might think. I usally finish my CS before I worry about this technique. This is a finishing move, and must be done after the CS has all the colors lined up and looks good in RF.


This is done by picking a brush from your selection, that is the thickness of the panel line you want to create. Now you will choose a color that is a shade or two DARKER than the color you are covering. If the aircraft is a dark color already, go to the lighter side, SEE PIC 1.

To make a straight line down the side of the PART, move your pointer to the edge of the PART. Press your left mouse button one time on the outside edge, now hold down your SHIFT button. The father you move the mouse, the longer the vitural line will become, SEE PIC 2. You may have to move up or down to make the straight line. Move your pointer to the end of your PART, where the line should end, and left click to stroke the line, SEE PIC 3.

This can be duplicated several times, to create the panel lines. Be creative when making these panel lines, don't make every one the same. Make sure that when you go from one color to another, expecially on millitary camo, that you change to a darker or lighter version of the NEW color you are going into, SEE PIC 4.


I usally use the color of the panel lines to make the rivots, but you can use whatever color you want, Silver, Gold, or White. To do rivots, I just line them up on both sides of the panel lines. I use a brush that is small enough to look like a rivots should.

Now its just a matter of clicking one time with your left mouse button, on each side of the panel line, making sure that the rivot is straight across from the other one and spaced accordingly. repeat this process as many times as it take to complete the effect. Some places on your aircraft may only need one-sided rivots, in this case, do what looks good to you.

As you can see in PIC 5, I used some different brushes that come with the Gimp program, they can be used to weather your project.

Good luck and my best to you.
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