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Originally Posted by S1CAR1US View Post
I am just taking a wild shot in the dark here, but is anyone willing to help a fellow aviation enthusiast to learn how to model some using 3dsMax? I am a quick learner and have the basics down in 3ds so I don't think would take very long. I am proposing the possibility of someone working with me to create a simple model and in exchange i will buy you a cup of coffee or a beer or something? Maybe work collaboratively over hangouts? I use inventor regularly and all of the adobe suite so as I said I think I can learn somewhat fast but I have just had trouble finding any good learning sources for max since I haven't been able to afford Lynda anymore. Thank you for your consideration.

FT Mini Arrow build?
Hello.. it's good to see someone interested in modeling. When I started I watched a tutorial on how to get a simple plane going called realflightboxtrainer on YouTube by Scott Nichols AKA Boof69 on the forum and I'll put a link to it below. Question. Do you have 3ds Max 2012 32 bit edition installed? That's the only version supported by the KnifeEdge KEX Exporter (for RF6.5 and RF 7.5). I heard they didn't have that version available on their website now. Anyway that's what it takes to get going. I watched the video with 3ds Max running and went back and fourth as much as necessary to get my plane built along with the video. Here's a link to his tutorial.
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