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Cannot save model/read only (Solved)

Hi all,
Can you help?
I seem to have messed up my system a little.
I'm doing a simple thing like changing the smoke parameters, but when I come to save the model RF7.5 says the model file is read only so I have to change the name a little by adding a number say. Then the model saves ok.

So the problem must be that I have some how made files/folders needed by RF read only

Where are the model files that I am changing e.g. 3dhs extra 330lt 108 so that I can set the permissions back to Read and Write/Modify?

I have just found the root file 3dhs extra 330lt 108.rfvehicle in the C:\Users\Username\Documents\RealFlight 7\Vehicles\CustomVehicles
The odd thing is there are no files that match my modified ones ;(
3dhs extra 330lt 108.rfvehicle file is not read only ;(

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