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i've been trying to make a working x-ufo (4 sets of mechanics) and i'v found a way to achive this

first the limitations ive found so far
,it has to be a symetrical blade and have no washout

set up the first mechanics then add a single movable pod
add a fixed servo set to 100%
alter one of the rotations to 180 and apply the fixed servo to it
add a set of mechanics to the movable pod and they will be inverted, set it up excactly the same as the first set
give them both a rotor set and use a symetrical blade with no washout (will have to create a new blade set for this)
align the rotors and move one slightly above the other
done,, no more tail rotor :-)

i've only made fixed pitched helis this way so far for collective just renember to reverse the controls for the inverted mechanics
i have a simple FP electric heli done like this if any would like it just say and i'll send it.