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opjose: Yes, the screenshot up there is of my actual to-scale model of the BCP flying in G3. I've refined the spinning hub mesh a bit but still need to texture everything.

About thrust, the BCP probably does make more than 1lb of it. I've held it (w/o the main motor running) with full rudder stick and that tail fan is quite forceful. My problem with G3 is that even if I do get some amount of thrust, whatever quantity, it's never enough to counter-torque the main motor.

I've tried it all: I used crazy motor KV/R values but never got more than 1/3rd lb thrust, maxing-out the torque modifier didn't help either 'cause the whole heli starts twisting around the tail, and no combination of those plus gear ratios and prop pitch could ever get me more than about 1lb of thrust....

The only factors I really care about are prop diameter, weight of the motor, and mainly thrust. Using the default tail works fine for me, but it doesn't faithfully simulate these types of helis and requires some other work-arounds to make it fly something like them.
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