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Beta version of RealFlight Vehicle Editor is available

Vehicle editing and custom content in RF-X are handled using a separate Vehicle Editor application. This is a departure from previous versions of RealFlight where that functionality was included in the simulator itself.

We have just released a beta version of the Vehicle Editor. As a beta, it is not intended or expected to be perfect. There are some known issues. The documentation is incomplete. And we expect users to find bugs. But that is the point of a beta.

Important note: This editor beta also requires RF-X public beta version 1.00.034.

We encourage anyone interested in editing models, importing existing content from the swap pages, etc. to download the beta today and get started. We welcome your feedback!

There is a new "RealFlight Vehicle Editor BETA" subforum in the RF-X discussion forum. Please use that to discuss the editor and report bugs.

Custom content creators, please use the Designer's Corner forum to discuss anything related to art production. General editor discussion and bug reports should happen in the forum referenced above.

Download the RealFlight Vehicle Editor package here and then run it to install. A shortcut will be placed on your desktop for running the software.
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