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Coming soon: RealFlight 8!

We are pleased to announce the upcoming release of RealFlight 8!

RealFlight 8 is the successor to RF7.5 and adds some exciting new features, such as:
  • VR Capability - Strap on an Oculus Rift or HTC Vive for a new, unprecedented level of immersion.
  • FPV Drone Racing Challenges - Feel the thrill of learning to pilot a high-performance FPV racer through various race courses in three new challenge tiers.
  • Race Drone Flight Controller - This new electronics component simulates the behavior of current race drones. It supports Acro and Horizon modes.
  • New Aircraft - Check out the complete list of new models in a separate post below!
  • New Airport - The FPV Racing Site contains gates for numerous different race courses as well as some other creative obstacles.
  • Integration of RealFlight Drone Features - See the list in a subsequent post below.
  • HID Controller Support - Hook up a USB joystick or game controller for a second, basic controller, or to try out the software on a budget.
  • Enhanced Heli Blade Sounds - Helis have more of the "whump" sound some users have been missing during hard collective maneuvers.
  • Custom Content Creation: FBX Import - Export models from any version of 3ds Max using the FBX file format and import them directly into RealFlight 8! Pioneered in RF-X, this advance eliminates the need for a KEX Exporter plugin to create custom 3D models.
For additional information, including system requirements, please visit

And because I know people are going to ask the natural follow-up question, I will say it here: we also have an RF-X update coming sometime after RF8's release.
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