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RealFlight is coming to Steam!

The most popular flight simulator for models and drones will soon be available on the biggest game marketplace. Knife Edge Software is pleased to announce that RealFlight 8 is coming soon on Steam. The release is scheduled for March 22, 2018.

The Steam version of RealFlight 8 has the same content and features as the DVD version - 140+ models, 50+ flying sites, and nearly 200 challenge levels. All RealFlight 8 users will be able to join multiplayer sessions together, whether they got their copy on Steam, digitally from Tower Hobbies, or on a DVD. You can bring your old model collection into the newest version of RealFlight - Expansion Packs, Mega Packs, and Swap Page content are all supported.

Steam users get some extra benefits, too. Simple installation and automatic updates get you right into the action, and the Steam overlay lets you communicate with your friends or participate in the Community without leaving the simulator. Like every Steam game, itís also easy to take with you - just log in to your Steam account wherever you are.

For more information about RealFlight 8, check out and the RealFlight 8 Steam store page.

RealFlight 8 reviews:
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