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Controller Deadband Percentage

We've added a new controller Deadband Percentage setting in the Settings dialog. This is important for anyone who is not using a RealFlight controller (meaning an InterLink, RealFlight Wired Interface, or RealFlight SLT Wireless Interface). If you are using one of those, none of this applies to you, and you can ignore the rest.

Deadband on the stick inputs is very helpful with gamepad controllers and joysticks. It is not helpful with RC-style controllers, though, and in the worst-case scenario can even cause movements from one stick to cause phantom inputs from the other stick.

For RC controllers: Set Deadband Percentage to 0. That includes anyone using their own radio through an interface like the Spektrum WS1000.

For gamepads/joysticks: We encourage you to experiment with different values for Deadband Percentage and tune it to your liking.
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