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RealFlight 8.00.023 is now public (DVD & Tower Hobbies Digital versions)

[Note: This post pertains to the DVD and Tower Hobbies Digital versions of the software only. The Steam version of RealFlight 8 will be updated shortly to match, but most of this post does not apply to it.]

We are pleased to announce that 8.00.023 is now available as a free public release for RF8 users! Obtain it via the RealFlight Launcher. The option to update will appear below the usual "Run RealFlight" button (see attached image).

  • Exiting the sim while in fullscreen mode no longer causes a crash
  • Settings: Graphics->Hardware->Resolution dropdown list has more correct and helpful information as well as better formatting. Interlaced display modes are explicitly labeled.
  • Settings: Non-32-bit resolutions are filtered out. Selecting invalid 16-bit resolutions could previously cause a crash.
  • Settings: New Controller->Deadband Percentage setting allows adjusting and disabling the deadband applied to stick input channels. (Does not affect InterLink controllers, which never use deadband.)
  • VR: Headset proximity sensors are now supported through OpenVR. This includes the Vive.
  • VR: Vertical sync is forced off while in VR
  • VR: Graphics Settings and Target Status dialogs are properly positioned on the screen
  • VR: The camera view updates correctly when looking from another participant's aircraft
  • VR: Fixed an issue where certain operations would cause the UI to resize and display incorrectly
  • New Reset to Defaults... option in the Help menu. It's the same as exiting, clicking Restore Defaults in the Launcher, and manually restarting RealFlight.
  • New Technical Support... option in the Help menu. It's the same as exiting and clicking Technical Support in the Launcher.
  • RealFlight remembers its command line arguments (if any) after an auto-restart
  • Airfoil data files that previously existed on the RealFlight DVD are now placed in the RealFlight8\Airfoil Database directory in compressed form
  • Launcher: Accepts VR startup flags: -novr, -oculusvr, and -steamvr
  • Launcher: Technical Support dialog's server type label updates dynamically to reflect changes
  • Launcher: When updating from an expired public beta to a newer public version, no extra files are downloaded
  • Manual: Covers areas where Steam and non-Steam versions of the software diverge
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