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I ALWAYS port forward the base port + expected number of players to a machine that is hosting..
Example would be to set the machines main/base port to a number (4300) for example.
Then if you want up to 32 players port forward 4300-4332 to that host.

This will give you and others better performance/lower latency in many cases. as the other players will be able to send their stream directly to YOU and not have to go through the cloud proxy.

And better yet if your buddies also port forward.. as your stream will be able to get to them directly. cutting out the middleman proxy server.

Sure it works fine without bothering with port forwarding but in many cases you will have more
latency between players if you don't.

In the case of UPNP and if you have it and it is working portforwarding may not be needed.
A bit beyond the scope of this answer and I have no clue if Realflight does any kind of UPNP communication to a router...
Always safe and sure if you port forward properly and so do your buddies.
But you have to have a handle on it just a bit to do that.
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