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Pivot Points - Rotating

Often the case is the aileron is not directly positioned along the worldspace axis. We might need to rotate the pivot point. This is done using a two step process in blender.

First, rotate the object (and pivot point). Next, rotate the underlying mesh points in the opposite direction. The end result is the pivot point is rotated and the object itself has not moved.

This is easiest done by typing in the rotation angles rather than using the mouse.

Rotate the Object
  • In 'Object' mode type 'R' to enter rotation mode.
  • Next type 'Y' to force rotation along the Y axis.
  • Type in the value '90' which rotates the object as shown in the first image.

Rotate the mesh
  • Switch to 'Edit' mode
  • Select all the vertexes hit 'A' once or twice to do this
  • Type 'R' to enter rotation mode
  • Next type 'Y' to force rotation along the Y axis
  • Type in the value '-90' which rotates the object back to its original orientation (see second image)

Take a look at the final product in the third image. The pivot point/centre axis has been rotated 90 degrees around the Y axis so that the X axis now points down and the Z to the right.
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