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Angry How do I use my Addon and Expansion Packs with RF-X?

How do I use my 8 Addon and Expansion Packs with RF-X?

And Don't tell me they will Not work with RF-X that will Not make me Happy
I have invested $$ in the KE and RF sim games all the way back to Deluxe
and created alot of skins and Models that are linked to my addon packs..

If you tell me they will not work I'm gonna be really Pissed as many others I
suspect will be also... So KE talk to me..

See my post "Screen Problems" that I have received no reply to from KE????

Oh and when is the next update to fix the 1st one that Killed my RF-X
and made it UNUSABLE???
System Specs: Win 7 Ultimate, CPU: Phenom II X6 1055T 16Gig Ram, 1-"32" & 2-"24" Samsung Monitors
Video Card: Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1060 6GB
(3) 3TB WD & (1) 640GB SSD "RF-X Install on it"
Saitek X52 w/ Rudder Pedals, TFS "Tactile Feedback System"
RF Deluxe
RF G5.5 w/ I Link E
RF 7.5 w/ I Link E
RF-X w/ I Link-X
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