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Originally Posted by jeffpn View Post
Are you saying I'm having headaches? I was not aware of that.

You guys both should read what I posted earlier. I said that if you don't know how to model using any software, you might be better off learning Max. But if you happen to know Wings inside and out, there really is no reason to learn Max, too. If you want to do so to keep the model in one software package, go for it. But I'm proof that it's not necessary.

This is all moot, anyway. I've seen more than one "Money doesn't matter" modeling hopeful here. None of them ever panned out.
Are you having headaches in a literal sense? Not that I'm aware of. Are you having to jump through unnecessary hoops? Yup.

I'll agree it may not be worth your while to learn 3ds max. The time to learn 3ds max may be higher than the time you lose with those "headaches". Although you do so many models, I'm not convinced that is the long term case. But certainly, you are productive in what you doing and the models look good. There is no need for you to switch.
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