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Originally Posted by Oops! View Post
If there is nay one using this radio could you please send me the profile and what radio do you choose in RF7 since Turnigy radio is not there among the selection.
Isn't the Turnigy 9x an OpenTx radio? If so, I may be able to help. I have the Taranis X9D, which is a FrSky radio with OpenTX. It was pretty easy to get mine working.

On the transmitter, setup a model and turn off internal RF and external RF. For "trainer mode" turn on "slave" mode. Then channel range "1-8". I left the PPM frame settings at the defaults. In RF, In the "select controller" dialog, I selected "Spektrum2" and immediately did "Save As". This gives you a new profile to work with. Name yours whatever you want, maybe "Turnigy 9x"? The rest is just regular calibration and tuning. I turned off software radio. I want all the mixing and such done on my TX. That's a personal choice though and not required.

If you're having trouble, please post your exact steps and hopefully I can help you through it.
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