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Originally Posted by opjose View Post
First I DO NOT have that radio.

But I know it uses DSM2 making it JR/Spektrum compatible.

Try a JR/Spektrum profile. You'll likely have to adjust it a bit.
The Turnigy 9X *itself* does not do DSM2.
It uses JR style RF modules there is a module for it that does do DSM2/DSMX.

On the back of this TX is a standard trainer port which gives you the PPM composite
output signal you need to plug it into either the Realflight TX interface or the PPM
*INPUT* on the back of your Interlink controller.

Also NOTE: you normally would leave the TX switched off when using it this way.
It comes on in the right mode when you plug a cable into the trainer port.
ALSO: I usually have to REMOVE the RF module when using it this way..
Some RF modules re-route or otherwise KILL the PPM signal from making it to the trainer port, not sure why but I have noticed this..
Some modules are okay to leave in some are not.
The stock "flysky" module (included with some of the 9X transmitters), is one of the ones I have to pull out when using it in trainer/SIM mode.

And start out with a simple standard aircraft profile. (they are build in and can easily be loaded.
I also highly recommend getting ER9X firmware flashed on to your 9X if it isn't already.. you can buy a $30 board that makes it easy with no soldering..
Do what you have to do to get ER9X on there it's very worth the work or the $30.

Seriously (srsly):
I feel more like I do now.

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