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Originally Posted by technoid View Post
Thanks for the info. The GTX 1070 I have has 8 Gig of memory and it runs at 8Gbps with 1920 cuda cores so it has the same amount of memory as the 1080 but it runs slower and the 1080 has 2560 cuda cores too. Plus the 1080 runs at 1607 Mhz and the 1070 runs at 1506.

The only problem moving to the 2080 graphics card is the 225 watts from the 180 for the 1080. But I suppose the smart thing to do is bite the bullet and get one, especially if they the 2080 has 50% more power in older games than the 1080 has, that would be a very nice safety factor for flying RF-X that's for sure.

One thing that should be true if the 2080 isn't using any of the parts of it that calculates ray tracing that should lower the power demand so I would expect the 225 watts to be a bit lower in games that don't using ray tracing.
I intend to get a 2080 soon, but like you I am trying to find comparable data on the performance with games/simulators, I guess the 2080 is backwards compatible with software.
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