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Originally Posted by csgill75 View Post
It has a familiar look to it for sure, which is why I like it.

I'm familiar with the new video cards coming out in the next few weeks, I haven made up my mind on if I want to spend the money on the Ti version or not. I know RF8 won't gain anymore useful performance, and RF-X probably would be a little bit better but for me it's just fine now. When more games are released with the new Ray Tracing tech and the Deep learning super-sampling capabilities I may make the jump. Right now only one game has this capability that interests me, Mechwarrior 5. If I do make the jump I might just jump all in with a new build all together, new I7 or even a i9 CPU mobo and ram.....
Thanks for the info. The more I find out about the new RFX cards the less I'm interested in them. It's one of those first generation things that isn't really what you need for the new features you're implementing. I've read several reports that the games they did ray tracing on was running 1080p and wasn't able to keep a steady 60 fps. So if that's true RTX is a generation or two away from being what it should be. But you always go through this type of thing when you have a shift to a new rendering style. Since I posted last I've done a lot of reading about the new cards and have kinda went back to getting a faster card so I can run RF-X the way I want. I don't play any new games so the only thing I want to do is get RF-X to run my monitors native resolution (1920x1200) at higher frame rates. Right now I run RF-X at 1680x1050 to keep the frame rates where I want them. So dumb ole me would probably be okay if I had a 1080 instead of a 1070. You sure pay for those dumb mistakes.
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