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I made some changes to Stagger this morning. I added cheeks to the front of the fuselage to semi enclose the engine and give it a better looking profile. I also added 1 inch to the tail (from the trailing edge of the wing to the end of the fuselage). The wing looked a bit too thick so I reduced the thickness by 20%.

So now it's time to decide what engine to use on the GP version. And I'd like some opinions on that because I like any of them. So I'll upload a picture showing four of the engines I've modeled so you can pick the one you like best.

The last thing is this plane has what I've been calling the angle stripe problem, because it first came up on the F8F when I put some angled stripes on the tail. But what it really seems to be is intermittent places on the parts where the texture direction flips back and forth from horizontal to vertical. I'll put a picture so you can see it. I wish I could find out what causes it and be able to fix it without resorting to the brute force fix I've been using, which is exporting the affected parts as an OBJ file and then deleting them and importing the OBJ file versions to replace them. So far that's always fixed the problem but that removes the mapping so I have to remap them. BUT.. that's what I'm about to do so I can get it fixed and map the plane.

So if you will let me know which one of the engines you prefer.
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