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I finished adding the aileron servos this morning. I still need to make the cuts in the wings where the servo arms come out but that's not hard to do. Then I need to add the rudder and tail gear servo connections and it's mapping time. I wanted to be finished with everything this time before I start mapping so I only have to do it once. I was going to release a beta first but decided to save some work on remapping after I added the servos. Since I need to cut holes in the wings and stabilizers where the servo arms come out it made sense to do everything at once and save some time remapping after I added them. Here's a picture of all the servos. Ha. You can only see the plates that cover them but the servo is actually below the surface. I may go back and delete all the hidden servo parts except what I need. All I need is the servo arm and pin since that's all you'll be able to see from the outside. Of course you'd be able to see all the servo parts in the RF editor but I'm not sure that's worth mapping them. I'll overlay all the servo parts so they don't take much room in the CS map but I'd still have to map them.
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