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Originally Posted by abaser View Post
Ryan, you mentioned RFX has a poly limit of 65k+ per frame. In the RF8 art creation thread you said the process for RF8 should remain the same as 7.5. My question is, is the poly limit in RF8 still 27,000 or as in RFX? I may have missed that somewhere if it was discussed before.
I think this all got straightened out, but to officially clarify: I was really just trying to say that except for the FBX import element, the overall creation process is basically the same as 7.5, in contrast to numerous differences when it comes to creating art for RF-X.

The total triangle limit for an RF8 vehicle is 135k--though individual frames have a limit of roughly 65k, so the tris need to be distributed a bit if you're going that high.
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