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Originally Posted by Moto-Guzzi View Post
When you say chamfer, are you talking about making the leading edges (particularly on the tail surfaces) look more like an airfoil than a flat piece of balsa?

I've noticed that on a lot of models...the horizontal stab and rudder have no roundness on the leading edges....granted, lots of models ARE made with flat balsa so I suppose thats proper....Most I tinker with even have "flat balsa" listed as the airfoil on the edit page

It must take a lot more resources (poly count, tedium...even the eventual frame rate to render them?) to make true airfoil shapes for the eppenage...

Learning a lot here, awesome thread!
You're correct. When I say chamfer I mean rounding off the square edge of the leading and trailing edges of hstabs and vstabs made of flat balsa. And yes that takes more 3d resources and affects the frame rate because the computer must draw all the 3d resources for each frame. But if you can fly my Big Red smoothly you're fine for this plane too. Big Red was right at the maximum poly count allowed for RF 7.5 (27k triangles).

The flat balsa in the physics editor does NOT account for the fact the piece has been chamfered so it edges are round it's just an airfoil type and essentially tells RealFlight there is NO airfoil.
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