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Wel I got most of the models working
some are great some are resanabole and some are poor or made just fore fun
but to my suprice there are some models that fly more realistic than the original decine
fore exsample the original P51 mustang in realflicht is inposible to overpull in landing
but on of the douwnloaded decines can that is an inproofment

I have downloaded some spitfires and they can juce some updating
speed is slow no flaps bouncing gear

and I found a Fokker G1 sadly only in djurmen colors and a small model
hope to see a large duch color vercion someday

I have the correct colors if needed

I can not decine a model to juce in the sim
I do can decine a model that can be bild fore real

I think this is a great site with lots op people that make fun stuff making the realflichtsim even a bit more interesting and fun to juce

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