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Originally Posted by Bill Stuntz View Post
I've had problems plugging slow USB devices - like mice, KB's, old USB drives, & the Interlink Elite into the USB3 ports on my HP Z420 Workstation under Win10. There seems to be a compatibility problem with some devices. I don't know whether it's unique to the USB3 hardware in my HP, Win10, or what. Have you tried plugging things that don't NEED the extra speed available via USB3 into your computer's USB2 ports? I only plug devices that are natively USB3 into my USB3 ports. I plug USB2 devices into my USB2 ports instead relying on my USB3 ports to downgrade to slower connections for those devices. Most PC's with USB3 ports also have USB2 ports. USB3 ports often (always?) have blue "tongues" and USB2 usually has black ones.
Don't the USB3 ports automatically work as USB2 ports if you plug in something that works only on USB2?
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