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Trainer request???

Hi Remyrw,

Thank you sooo much for doing this. I just got a CP Pro and I just bought 3.5 today!!! One of the main reasons for this is that YOU are making models of the heli that I have purchased.

Could you tell me which one is the best one to use in mods?

Also, if it isnt that it tough to make one with training legs on it?

I am trying to learn how to use the Blade CP Pro first here then attempt to do the basics on the plane. I also have a friend that will teach me to fly it but in my spare time I want to learn the right things.

ESPECIALLY in the model like the Blade CP Pro....

Thanks again for doing what you do!!!!





I also experienced the out of control tail rotor action on the ccp for version 3.o....I will try the one for 3.5. Thanks so much...this is what simulators are about...being able to do things here then translate them to the real aircraft!

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